Trump Wakes Up At 4:05 AM & Deliveres a Brutal Morning Surprise To All His Haters


Addressing the topic of corrupted media, President Trump made quite a bunch of statements earlier today through his Tweeter profile. In them, he points out the unfair treatment mainstream media gives to the Republicans.

Noticing how everything we can see on TV regarding Trump is as negative as possible, no matter which decision of his it addresses.

It is no secret that since the moment he took office, and even before that, during the 2016 presidential elections, the mainstream media outlets which he referred to as “fake news” have been spreading lies and false information about him, all with the goal of making him unappealing to the public, and undermining every single action he takes. However, he has recently been taking a swing back at the mainstream outlets, directly calling them out and criticizing them for the information they feed the people. The commander-in-chief set out on an early morning tweeting spree:






In one of his posts during the tweeting spree, the POTUS faced a serious issue, more specifically the one where leftist Democrats have been receiving more media coverage than the Republicans, blaming the mainstream media outlets for a one-sided coverage of the whole political situation and most likely referring to the fact that no matter what action the Trump administration takes, the late-night hosts as well as other shows immediately invite a guest Democrat to rant against the move.

In his first tweet, he even mentioned how surprised he was to see one of the leading “fake news” outlets, The Washington Post, actually write something good about him, even spreading the word with his followers.

And while his harsh tweets which exposed the entire leftist scheme caused outrage among the liberal supporters, it also sparked support and cheers from his conservative followers for exposing the truth!

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It’s not even arguable how the mainstream media in the U.S. serves as a machinery for sabotaging the new government and its attempts to put this country back on a good course. Therefore the information coming from it should most certainly be perceived as disputable.

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