After Trump Win, Panicking Mexico Issues Unexpected Statement On Border Wall


One of the most controversial statements in the expired election campaign was the one that horrifying intimidates Mexico. Donald Trump promised that he is going to close the border with Mexico. Actually with that act he’s going to SHUT DOWN the latino immigrants from the south. But, anyway that action requires attention, cooperation and contribution from both sides of the border. For this crucial topic Conservative Tribune made very interesting research– I recommend you to read it:

President-elect Donald Trump ran for office on a promise of securing the nation’s southern border, partially through the construction of a border wall, with the added caveat that Mexico would somehow pay for it.The Mexican government has consistently stated that it had no intention of paying for any such wall, and it didn’t waste any time after Trump’s victory to reiterate that.According to Newsmax, Mexico’s foreign minister made clear that paying for a border wall was not on her country’s agenda.

“Paying for a wall is not part of our vision,” said Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu to a local television station.Ruiz Massieu added that her government had remained in contact with Trump’s campaign team ever since his much-discussed visit to Mexico in August.

“There has been a fluid, daily communication with different members of the campaign,” she stated.

Obviously Trump and the Mexican government don’t see eye to eye on this issue at the moment, but with the admission that the two sides are talking on a regular basis, it stands to reason that something could be worked out.Considering how adamant Trump has been about building the wall and having Mexico pay for it in some way, he may just need to be a bit more persuasive with Mexican leaders to help them adjust their “vision” to include a border wall.

Mexico, obviously is in panic! Or maybe they lack of responsibility…Maybe they do not want to cooperate. What do you think? DISCUSS AND SHARE !