OH MY GOD! Days After Election, Trump Just Won ANOTHER ‘Blue’ State – It’s HISTORIC!


The state of Michigan has always been democrat’s bastion. But, as you can see now, the absolute winner strikes again stronger than ever! Hilary Clinton expected easy victory, but something shocking happened!

Donald Trump’s election was historic for many reasons even before the official tally from this traditionally blue state was released! Come January 20th, he will be the only man to move into the White House who has not held either a public or military office. Trump is truly a man of the people.

Seven close races in Genessee County precincts just released their results. President-Elect Trump won Michigan by 13,255 votes. 

Donald J. Trump turned Michigan from blue to red by winning the ballot count with a margin of less than three-tenths of a percent. There were more than 4.8 million votes cast in the key battleground state, the Detroit Free Press reports.Before the final ballots were counted, the President-Elect held a 12,488 vote lead over Hillary Clinton.

When all 83 counties in Michigan had finished counting up their results, Trump won 47.6 percent compared to 47.33 percent for Clinton.Donald Trump earned 2,277,636 votes. Hillary Clinton won 2,264,361 votes. Almost every poll predicted that Hillary Clinton would win in this historically blue state by double-digits.

This lead was predicted less than a month before Election Day. The polls were consistently wrong when gauging voter support around the country.Rural counties came out for Trump and enabled him to defeat Clinton. Pollsters do not typically, perhaps rarely ever, conduct pre-election or exit polling in rural regions and small towns.

Had it not been for the metropolitan and decidedly blue areas in Wayne, Genessee, and Washtenaw counties, Hillary Clinton would have lost Michigan by an even wider margin. In Wayne County Clinton won 517,022 votes to Trump’s 228,313 votes.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton headed back to Michigan in the final days leading up to the election. Hillary’s lead had decreased to four points before Election Day. But little did either candidate realize that her lead had actually vanished entirely.Rural voters and disgruntled working class Americans came out in droves for Donald Trump. Their ballots made all the difference in not just Michigan, but in likely every single state in the republic.

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Michigan gave its vote to prosperity, dignity and hope. A new hope for rebuilding our nation that is facing poverty, criminal and corruption, brain-washing from the mass-media and absence of real leaders. Do you think Michigan’s people made the right choice? Can we all make America great again? COMMENT AND SHARE ! STOP BEING IGNORANT, SPREAD THE TRUTH, BE A PATRIOT !