Trump’s Inauguration Announcement Has SHOOKED America – Liberals FURIOUS


January 20th, or Trump’s inauguration is just days away now, and a security plan for the ceremony is more than required at the moment.

“It’s a rehearsal, but in the military we call it a drill,” said Navy Cmdr. Jonathan Blyth, the group’s spokesman, on Wednesday. “We’ve been preparing for this since the last inauguration. We’re focused to protecting and honoring a new commander in chief.”

During the process, a three dimensional map will be used to guarantee maximum security, as well as other measures to prevent demonstrators from intruding. Similar groups to DisruptJ20 will be responsible for making this possible.

“We’re planning a series of massive, direct actions that will shut down the inauguration ceremonies and any related celebrations,” the group said. “We’re also planning to paralyze the city.”

Every aspect of the ceremony will be closely monitored to avoid possible problems, and everything from the parade to the balls and traffic will be observed so the inauguration runs smoothly and easily.

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