Trump’s Private Lawyer Just Admitted Something That Will Make Democrats Furious

Donald Trump is a great winner! The liberal loudmouths can finally shut up and stop bragging about Come’s case. Donald Trump is completely innocent, and do you know how we know it- because your ‘dear’ Comey said it, besides John Brennan and a couple of other people.


The real question is, are they still stupid enough to think that most of the people still believe their pathetic story about Russian hackers or Trump’s connection with Russian officials.

On top of everything, they all testified that they have no evidence. But still, why they did that? And, if they started doing such kind of investigations, why they never investigated on Hillary with so much evidence leaked.

It doesn’t matter in the end. Trump will continue to work. Look what his lawyer said:



This is really a great news. We can all remain calm. Share this post everywhere- Donald Trump will win this battle and drain the swamp!