Tucker Carlson Confronted The Mainstream Media In His Powerful Speech

Tucker Carlson is back again! The young conservative superstar showed once again that he is a valuable pear of the American conservative and a true freedom pundit. He explained how blinded the media is. How the hatred rules over the media, and how should we all think with our own heads. Read more below:

Tucker Carlson has established himself as the most dominant force in cable news.

There is really no doubt about that.

We have documented his political prowess on this site many times. You can check out a few examples here, here, and here.

One of the most interesting and most appreciated aspects of Tucker’s show is that he holds the mainstream media’s feet to the fire.  As you know, that almost never happens on cable news.


On Monday’s show, Tucker ripped the media’s constant hysteria and hypocrisy over Donald Trump and it’s definitely worth a watch.

8 minutes of pure gold.

Tucker is absolutely right.  These media pundits have no perspective.  They don’t know which way is up anymore. Their minds are so clouded by Trump hatred that they can’t possibly deliver the news accurately or fairly.

Tucker had a great take on the Comey situation that is worth checking out.

You just can’t trust all these stories from the Washington Post and New York Times.


Have you ever seen so many stories based on one unnamed source in your life? And the media just runs with them without any vetting.

Another great segment from Tucker that every American needs to not only see but understand as well.

H/T Young Conservatives

Do you agree with Tucker Carlson? I think everybody who is an intelligent person and knows what’s justified and right, wll take a side and boycott the lying and hateful liberal media. America needs better standards from the News broadcast agencies, because they really hit the rock bottom.