Tucker Carlson Exposes The Latest Corrupt Thing The FBI Did To Protect Hillary From Jail Time, It’s AWFUL


The FBI got into hot water when it recommended not to press charges against Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her criminal activity related to using a personal email server while serving as Secretary of State under President Barack Hussein Obama. That move reeked of corruption at the highest level, with Obama and Bill Clinton teaming up to strong-arm their Washington, D.C. contacts into letting Hillary off the hook.

 The heat on the FBI was ratcheted up recently, when the agency made its announcement that it had released documents pertaining to its investigation into Hillary’s misdeeds. On the surface this might seem like the FBI was coming around and being fair: after all, they were releasing the documents. The corrupt part comes when you realize when they were releasing the documents…right before Labor Day weekend! The timing is sickening.

Explained Tucker Carlson on On the Record why he’s “appalled” that the agency would time its release of these documents right before a long holiday weekend: “This is the FBI. This is not the Obama, or the Clinton political team. The FBI’s not supposed to be involved in spinning the news. Whenever you release sensitive materials on the Friday of a holiday weekend you are trying to affect the news cycle. And again, they shouldn’t be in the business of doing that at all. It’s a law enforcement of agency.” Said Tucker about the trick: “It’s what’s done in Washington when you want to suppress the facts in something. And again, I just think it discredits a venerable agency for them to be involved in something like this.” Do you agree with Tucker?