Tump Keeps His Promise – Finally The Border Wall Procedure Begins!

Finally I am honored to share the beautiful news with you, patriots! Donald Trump is going to build the wall tomorrow, our president announced his decision on his tweeter account and he also starts a procedure of rejecting the visas of thousands of muslim immigrants that are possible threat to the security of our nation. The right wing is going to give a strong support of this policy because we are aware what happens every single day in Europe. We can not let that happen in our country. This is going to be a heavy hit to the mean plans of the radical leftists for islamisation of the USA.

Donald Trump promised America a big, beautiful wall on the border with Mexico. The Democrats said he wouldn’t deliver. The Mexicans said he wouldn’t deliver. Well, folks, guess what…HE DELIVERED!

Trump has a whole stack of Executive Orders ready to sign this morning including one to order the building of the wall starting IMMEDIATELY.

He Tweeted out last night,

President Trump is also rolling out a whole host of other executive orders including:

  • Federally targeting “Sanctuary Cities” that defy immigration laws.
  • A 4-month freeze on ALL Refugee programs
  • Halt visas to people from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen because the Muslim-majority countries  are ‘terror prone’
  • Stop protecting illegal immigrants who arrived in the US as children from deportation (although this one may change)

However, Donald Trump will still grant exceptions to SOME non-Muslims fleeing those countries and Islamic persecution.

These are all VERY necessary actions. I head Democrats all the time bragging about “lower-than-normal” Mexican illegal immigration, but they NEVER mention that 2016 was a record year for ISLAMIC immigrants into the US.

Last year alone we allowed in 38,901 Muslim Immigrants into the country from the following countries:

  • Syria (12,486)

  • Somalia (9,012)

  • Iraq (7,853)

  • Burma (3,145)

  • Afghanistan (2,664)

  • and others.

Obama clearly had an agenda. Hell, this was 2400 more Syrian refugees than he promised to take. Now Trump is putting an end to these dangerous practices.

H/T Liberty Writers News

This is a great thing and we can finally be at ease knowing that the illegal immigrants from Mexico will remain in the past, beyond that wall. Yes, patriots, after years and years of illegal immigration wave coming from Mexico, American became pushed in their own country. Now we need to focus on building a stable and safe future. BUILD THAT WALL!