U.S Service Member Dies In Syria On Thanksgiving – This Is How Your ‘President’ Responded On That


The first dead american soldier in Syria… May he rest in peace. The war in Syria is destroying this country for more than five and a half years. Our president Obama did nothing about this never ending bloodshed.  He bragged how wrong is Bashad’s rule, he said that this corruption resulted with uprising and stuff like that. On the other hand some ,,structures” from our country with his blessing created ISIS. An organisation that implements Sharia-law, announced Khalifat and does war crimes and crimes against humanity every single day. But they did not succeed in their wrong doing. American nation always fought for peace and democracy in the world, so we finally took advantage in Iraq. Now, both Russian,Syrian,Iraqi and American forces destroy this jihadist state of butchers and demons. CNN reports that the first american soldier, since 2015, died in Syria and Obama’s reaction to the news.Read more below:

Secretary Carter said “I am deeply saddened by the news on this Thanksgiving Day that one of our brave service members has been killed in Syria while protecting us from the evil” of the Islamic State, as reported by Allen B. West.

This was the first American death in Syria since 2015. It was the result of an improvised explosive device (IED). IEDs have killed or maimed thousands of American soldiers in the last ten or fifteen years.

An IED is a bomb that is constructed and deployed in an unconventional way. Most often, they are embedded along roadsides and blow up vehicles which pass over them. The blast which killed this heroic soldier occurred in the city of Ayn Issa, which is approximately 30 miles north of the ISIS stronghold of Raaqaa.

Obama has frequently gone golfing in the wake of American tragedy. In August, when 11 Americans lost their lives in Louisiana floods and more than 40,000 lost their homes, Obama was golfing in Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama’s most disturbing round of golf might have been in 2014, when he played just moments after announcing journalist James Foley had been beheaded by Islamic militants. He wouldn’t know appropriate respect for our fallen heroes and citizens if someone forced him to give it.

Records show Obama played golf more than 300 times while in office. Well, when he wassupposed to be in the office. How many rounds have you played in the last eight years? (Under the Obama economy the golf budget was severely limited for most of us.)

It seems that President-Elect Donald Trump is already more presidential than Obama. On Thanksgiving Day, Trump spent time with his family, but also spent time in his office working on his cabinet selections and keeping jobs in America.

Isn’t it odd that the man who owns countless golf courses is working on Thanksgiving, while the sitting President is golfing?

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What do you say? We have such a great president! Heroes die while he makes shots in his yard. This situation reminds me on Monty Python’s flying circus. Donald Trump we need you fast!