UH-OH! Eric Bolling Just DESTROYED Idiot Chuck Schumer So HARD – Liberals Are Calling It ‘OUTRAGEOUS’


WOW! ERIC BOLLING SHOWED WHAT’S THE REAL DEAL! The famous Fox News Host Eric Bolling brutally lectured Chuck Schummer and completely outraged the pity liberals. The leftists live in their fairy tale, but Bolling has the truth to present at front of the people. The sick accusations against the new White House administration are becoming ridiculous and the mainstream media supporting this “movement” is completely ruined.

That’s right, the reputation of the mainstream media will never be the same, but just as long there are people like E. Bolling- you can only enjoy the show:

Liberals are so smug in their feelings of self-righteousness, they can’t see just how irrelevant they’ve become in the eyes of regular Americans, and can’t seem to accept just how powerless they’ve become in Washington, D.C. under President Donald Trump.

They appear to be genuinely shocked when conservatives call out Democrats for making disgusting statements. Stated liberal website Newshounds recently, “Congratulations to Fox News host Eric Bolling. His smear of Senator Charles Schumer was so outrageous, it beat out Donald Trump’s defense of Putin to win our Outrageous Fox Quote of the Week poll last week.”

 Said the supposedly “outrageous” Bolling, who to anyone with common sense appears to just be telling the truth, about fishy Chuck Schumer’s widely criticized speech, “Powerful, emotional. Look out Denzel, Ryan and Ben Affleck’s brother. He actually looked like he was about to cry.”

Continued Eric, “Great acting, Chuck. I’m sure you dug deep for that motivation … They remind me of that guy in high school when the pretty girl who liked him for a week and then didn’t like him anymore. He made a fool out of himself trying to get her back.”

He concluded, “That’s where the Dems are right now. That high school guy crying, singing and saying crazy things to get the girl back. I got news for you Dems, she ain’t coming back and you’ve got four years to think about her, hopefully eight. So get off your knees, liberals, you look ridiculous.”

H/T Conservative101

This was AWESOME! Eric Bolling knows how to lecture and verbally “punish” a liberal. The patriots of America can no longer remain silent. We have to protect what we vouch for. Our country is not private property, but a Republic! We will defend the American values and you should know that many Americans, even celebrities, are still loyal to the President and the country.