UNBELIEVABLE: Susan Rice NET WORTH Shocked The Nation

Do you want to know Susan Rice’s net worth- YOU HAVE THE CHANCE NOW! In the report below you are able ONCE AGAIN to see how the liberal elites work. Favor for a favor, eye for an eye- these people are the endemic type of CAREER POLITICIANS.

It’s unbelievable how much wealth a public servant who makes a generous $172k a year can accumulate.

It seems at last count good old’ UN Diplomat under President Barack Hussein Obama, Susan Rice is worth an incredible sum well over 50 million US dollars.

Now as we all know many left wing government crooks go on to make their fortunes in the private sector after they become infamous in the public arena and are run out of office. Not in Rice’s case, she has always been a public servant and has managed to accumulate this humungous amount of net worth. Maybe this is what Obama meant by “Spreading the wealth around?’


You might be asking yourself, How did she do this? How can I do the same?, or Did she write a book on how to get rich by being a public servant?

H/T Freedom Daily

The same way Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi made their fortune. I wouldn’t even mention Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. When it comes to liberal leftist you have to understand that their final goal is to get rich and powerful- their goal is not democracy, people or whatsoever.