URGENT: Over 60 Immigrants Tested Positive For DEADLY Disease – WARN YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS


The illegal immigration ‘saga’ is never going to come to an end. or at least it seems that way.  Every day we read more and more about illegal immigrants and it’s getting worse and worse. Deadly disease brought by immigrants- Americans you have to read this and share the warning!

Illegal immigrants are bringing more than just criminals over the border. The City of El Paso Department of Public Health announced that 65 illegal immigrants tested positively for TB in April alone. (via Breitbart)

Wow — first crime, and now diseases? We really need to build that wall. My prayers go out to the people of Texas. Tuberculosis is a rare and deadly disease.

The Obama era made it too easy for illegal immigrants to cross into our country. We should not be surprised that we are facing these problems. The mainstream media is going to hide this story from us.

The leftist media would rather expose our country to disease than admit we have an immigration problem. The liberal policies are poisoning the health of our great society.

Nothing good has come from globalism. We are still experiencing trouble from the Obama era, and we need to make sure this never happens again.The Left loves to push globalism onto us, but we know better. Finally, the country is starting to see the truth. We need to be hard on illegal immigrants.We need to push back against these liberal policies. The Democrats would rather ruin our own country than help a hardworking patriot. Sad!

The Democrats need to be held accountable for this outbreak of TB. If any Americans are infected with TB, we will know it is because of the Left and their unhealthy policies.

The establishment needs to fall in line with Trump. The Republicans need to work with our president. We cannot allow deadly diseases to be carried into our country. The swamp will jump at any opportunity to attack Trump, but if they do, we will vote them out of office. These career politicians have enabled the liberals to get away with murder. The Left does not care about the health of honest Americans.

As a matter of fact, the Left would prefer we live in a world without borders. What nonsense! We are the United States of America. We are not the United States of Planet Earth. The liberals need to get that through their head. Thank goodness we have Donald Trump to protect our borders.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

That’s the point! Leftists want to use America only as a tool to RULE the world. That’s why they destroyed the spirituality and forced their sick ideology. They want you to forget about the old way of life. They want to turn us into stones. They sell us lies and they think we are stupid. Well… Some of us are.

This post was very useful. When someone makes application for a visa or a green card they go trough so many tests before they are getting the approval. Nobody wants to stop the immigration- we want to stop the sick globalists agenda of creating total chaos to control everything.