URGENT: Ben Carson Just Exposed the TRUTH about the Trump Tape, Issues Dire Warning to American Voters!


Ben Carson has sincerely showed his support or republican presidential candidate, Donald trump, which came as a surprise to many. However, the well-established doctor had good reasons for doing this- he trusted in Trump’s visions for America and had his faith in his political ideology.

After the “Washington Post” released 11 year old recording of Trump talking trash about women, Carson decided to speak out on the matter, stating Trump’s attitude at the time was horrible but his apology was what everyone needed.

VIA Liberty Writers News

 Carson went on to warn Americans that this will not be the last time the Hillary campaign will commit political sabotage against Trump. Since they don’t have logical solutions, they will attempt to distract us with a negative focus on Trump.

Ben Carson then made a plea to Americans that needs to be shared…

“Those of us who do not want to see America fundamentally devolve into something worse must be wise enough to recognize the scheme that is being played out here. We must demand not only that the issues be discussed but also that we make our decisions based on issues and not on personalities or decade old statements and behavior by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

The political elites and their loyal media are desperate because they are seeing the large enthusiastic crowds for Donald Trump and the meager crowds for Hillary Clinton, and they know that there will be a huge enthusiasm gap on election day. 

The question is; will the political elites of both parties succeed in continuing there reign of fiscal irresponsibility and military weakness or will the people understand what is going on and will they be wise enough to thwart those efforts?”

All we can say i that the doctor is right. The main thing to focus now is to carry out proper elections and to support Trump no matter what!

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