URGENT: HORRIFYING News About Inauguration Day – PLEASE PRAY

The angry liberal hordes are working hard on their plan to make a huge, historical sabotage on the Inauguration day. Liberals, as we know them, are easy to manipulate group of people who are able to do anything for their personal interests. Most of these people have strong inner frustrations and are clearly unstable persons. Violence is their second name, riot- their favourite activity. They do not respect the country or the authorities. They enjoy in anarchy and they want their sick values to be spread all across the world.

On the other hand, their rich and wealthy sponsors want to use this hordes only as their little tool to divide the country and cause awful scenarios. They would have cause a civil war, even a WW III to accomplish their goals and their sick liberal, NWO agenda. In the shocking report below you can see how sick and crazy their plans are:

By now you are no doubt aware of efforts by the progressive left liberals to disrupt or shut down the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump on Friday, an effort by a coalition of various leftist groups known collectively as “Disrupt J20.”

When Project Veritas learned of the rumors of disruption efforts, the group did what it always does — dispatched undercover journalists with hidden cameras to catch the perpetrators and expose their criminal plots with their own words.

And that is exactly what founder James O’Keefe did, revealing Monday the first in a series of videos exposing the group’s plans. This particular video revealed that members of a group known as the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition intended to conduct a sort of acid attack on innocent attendees at one of the special balls the night before the inauguration, known as the “Deploraball,” to be hosted at the National Press Club Building in Washington, D.C.

The plotting largely revolved around figuring out a method for introducing a small amount of butyric acid into the building’s ventilation system, which would obviously result in the building being shut down and everybody inside evacuated. A separate back-up plan included triggering all of the fire sprinklers in the building to go off at the same time, dousing the guests of the “Deploraball” with water and forcing them liberals to exit the building into the frigid winter temperatures, a potentially deadly proposition for elderly guests or those already dealing with an illness of some sort.

As for the use of acid to shut down the inauguration ball, such an act would likely be in violation of D.C. anti-terrorism laws, specifically D.C Code 22-3571.01(6), a felony offense with a punishment of up to five years in prison and a hefty fine.

Project Veritas made the unprecedented move of approaching law enforcement with its footage before publishing it, informing not only the D.C. Metro Police Department of the plot, but the FBI and Secret Service as well, according to WND.

This is nothing short of criminal, and goes to show how truly unhinged some individuals on the left have really become following Trump’s election.

What these men were discussing is flat-out terroristic in nature, and hopefully they have all been paid a visit by authorities by now.Nevertheless, law enforcement officers will likely be on high alert before, during and after the inauguration, as well they should be, since the emboldened leftists in Disrupt J20 have made it no secret that they intend to stage protests that could even shut down some of the events surrounding Trump’s assumption of office.

H/T Conservative Tribune

This is DANGEROUS! Share this post to EVERYBODY and if you personally know someone who is part of this or some similar plot call the authorities. We have to stop this madness! Liberals want to take over, liberals want to create anarchy! America is the country of our forefathers, we can not let this new progresive left wing monsters destroy what we’ve build for so long. Donald Trump is the only legitimate president and we have to protect him! STOP THE LIBERAL TERRORISM !