US Marine TAKES DOWN Black Panther THUG for Stepping on American Flag [Video]


The high pressure from the mainstream media is sometimes simply unbearable. They always want to play the ‘protagonist’ role, but in the end, their hypocrisy is always revealed and they just lose their dignity. In the report below you will see how one brave marine destroys the pathetic liberal loudmouths over some really important issue in our society. Read more below:

Black Lives Matter and other radical liberal groups aren’t about civil rights or social justice.

They are about betraying America. They want to take this nation down from the inside.

To know that’s true all you gotta do is look at their new favorite form of protest.

All over social media, pictures and videos of young BLM and other liberals desecrating the American flag have become the norm.

When one Black Panther activist started stomping on the American flag, that was the final straw for this US Marine:

H/T Conservative Post

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