Veteran has Epic Response to Obama Saying he’ll be Insulted if Blacks Don’t Vote for Hillary


Barack Obama recently gave a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, saying he’d be personally insulted if they don’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

After all, everything is about Obama.

If I needed to choose three words to sum up his presidency, they’d all be the same.

Me, me, me.

Of course Obama will be insulted on November 8th when Trump wins.

It’s a direct swipe at his eight years in office.

People are done with his fundamental transformation which hasn’t made a darn thing better for anyone.

Check out this veteran’s response to Obama’s pandering.

He rocks it…

From Daily Caller:

A.D. Bell, a United States Army veteran, ripped President Obama in a video posted to his YouTube channel on Sunday.

Home run.

You noticed what hat A.D. was wearing, right?