Veteran has Epic Response to Obama Saying he’ll be Insulted if Blacks Don’t Vote for Hillary


Barack Obama recently gave a speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, saying he’d be personally insulted if they don’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

After all, everything is about Obama.

If I needed to choose three words to sum up his presidency, they’d all be the same.

Me, me, me.

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Of course Obama will be insulted on November 8th when Trump wins.

It’s a direct swipe at his eight years in office.

People are done with his fundamental transformation which hasn’t made a darn thing better for anyone.

Check out this veteran’s response to Obama’s pandering.

He rocks it…

From Daily Caller:

A.D. Bell, a United States Army veteran, ripped President Obama in a video posted to his YouTube channel on Sunday.

Home run.

You noticed what hat A.D. was wearing, right?