VIDEO: Donald Trump Just Did Something for Labor Day That Hillary Would Never Do


Monday in America is Labor Day, a day where America says “thank you” to the millions of people who work hard so that this country can thrive even during these difficult economic times.

While Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton doesn’t like to acknowledge that American workers are the real power in this country, not the government, Republican nominee Donald Trump has no problem thanking those who give their all.

Trump posted a special Labor Day message on his Facebook page thanking the millions of men and women who work around the clock to keep America moving forward.

“The American worker built the foundation for the country we love and have today. But the American worker is getting crushed (by) bad trade deals like NAFTA and TPP (and) such high and inexcusable taxes on small business that employ so many good people,” Trump said in the video message.

“This Labor Day, let’s honor our American workers — the men and women who proudly keep America working. They are the absolute best anywhere in the world. There is nobody like them. I am ready to make America work again, and to Make America Great Again. That’s what we’re going to do on November 8th,” he continued.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump is willing to fight for the American worker and to bring jobs back to America. Clinton wants to keep shipping jobs oversees and keep killing businesses with thousands of unnecessary federal regulations.


Trump has repeatedly stated that he is going to fight for the interests of the American people, not the interests of special interest groups that buy politicians like Clinton on a daily basis.

While Clinton may spend the day trying to get million-dollar donations from hedge-fund managers, Trump remembers that today is about the American worker, and that is why he is going to win in November.

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