VIDEO: Muslims Try To Force Americans To Submit To Sharia Law, Quickly Learn They Made A Huge Mistake


The Islamic ‘revolution’ in the USA is nothing more than brute force and tendentious religious propaganda against the interests of the American society. Instead of unity, they want diversity. Instead of accepting the American culture and way of life, they choose to be fundamentalistic part of their communities and very often, the Muslim immigrants turn against the ‘natives’. Why? Because they can’t stand ‘infidels’.

Are Muslim immigrants really all peaceful people just looking for a better life and the American dream?

If the following video tells you anything it’s that Muslim immigrants do indeed have a dream, but it’s not the American dream. It’s a dream of America SUBMITTING to Sharia Law.

They may not yet have the numbers, but that isn’t stopping some Muslim immigrants from trying to FORCE American Christians to bow before Islam.

In this disturbing footage, a gang of Muslim thugs surrounding a Christian in Dearborn, Michigan and attacks him for, well, not being Muslim.

Police and local security intervene and put down the assailants. But this is happening – not in the Middle East or Europe – right here in our own backyard, and its needs to be stopped.

H/T ConservativePost

What do you think about this? Do you feel inferior to the Muslim savages coming to colonize the entire Western World?

The thing is simple, these people are not even real Muslims. They are part of various radical sects. Most of the peaceful Muslims living in their own countries are way, way different. They respect your culture and tradition, they don’t want to interfere in foreign countries’ internal affairs.

BUT, the Soros’ hordes are marching west. They are all indoctrinated with sick radical-Islamist ideology and they are extremely dangerous. However, we need to stay tough! Do you agree?