VIDEO: Obama Caught AGAIN Saying What He REALLY Thinks About Hillary!


President Barack Obama has been hitting the campaign trail hard for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton over the past few weeks. Rather than doing his actual job, Obama has attended fundraisers and stumped for Clintonacross America.

Understanding that a Clinton presidency would help protect his legacy, Obama has sought to paint Clinton as the most qualified person to be president and someone who will put the American people first.

However that isn’t always how Obama thought about Clinton. The “Make America Number 1” super PAC released an ad that highlighted some of things Obama said about Clinton during the 2008 primary.

“Her basic view about this election is that the say anything, do anything, special interest-driven politics of Washington, that that’s how it’s gotta be,” Obama said at a rally in 2008. The date of the rally was not specified in the video.

“That that’s how the game is played, and so you should elect her to be your nominee because she’s been in Washington longer and she knows how to play the game better,” he stated.

How times change. In a little under eight years, Obama has gone from criticizing Clinton for being a Washington insider to proclaiming that she is the most qualified person ever to run for the office of the presidency.

It’s amazing what people will do when they think their legacy is at stake.

In this election, Republican nominee Donald Trump is the true outsider who is going to fight for the American people. Unlike Obama and Clinton, he doesn’t try to sugarcoat things and he doesn’t do what he thinks is best for his political career — even if it means telling the American people things they don’t want to hear.

Trump tells the truth. That is why the American people love him, and that’s why he’s a much better option for president than Hillary Clinton could ever hope to be.

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