SHOCKING VIDEO: Oprah Is Mocking Jesus & The Bible and The Media Wants It Deleted


OMG! THIS IS HUGE! The liberal satanic blasphemy is spread all across the USA. The elites were always connected to dark and secret organizations, but in the video below you will see that even in public, some people curse  Jesus Christ and fight against Christianity. Read more below:

Disturbing video footage has surfaced indicating Oprah Winfrey transparently mocking Jesus Christ and the Bible.

The incredible race-baiter once asserted to be a Christian lady, yet it creates the impression that she has played Judas on God.

This is what she needs to say in regards to Christianity now:

Oprah has her own network, so she has no one to reply to and obviously feels she can state whatever she needs. She asserts there are numerous ways to God, yet as the Bible lets us know, there is just a single way: Jesus Christ!

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This is DISGUSTING! Oprah should be ashamed of what she did. Spread the ugly truth everywhere. Make everybody see THE TRUE FACE OF OPRAH WINFREY! LET’S GIVE THIS POST 100K SHARES!