After Video of Trump Is Leaked, Juanita Broaddrick SILENCES Libs When She Releases 2 Perfect Tweets


VIA YoungCons

Juanita Broaddrick has claimed for a number of decades that she was raped by Bill Clinton.

Wife Hillary and the mainstream media have brushed this accusation aside, because Slick Willie is apparently the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Never mind that Broaddrick is one of dozens of women who have accused Bill of sexual assault, for some reason that doesn’t matter.

Juanita has this tweet posted at the top of her Twitter page…


Now, here’s what Broaddrick thinks about the leaked video of Donald Trump that shows him using vulgar language when describing women…


Actions only speak louder than words when a Republican is at fault.

Otherwise, a Republican’s words are far more damaging than a Democrats actions.

Face palm.

Imagine all the good conservatives could do for the country if the media was on our side?

Off the top of my head, I’m thinking entitlements would be down, GDP would be up, and the Clintons would be jailed.

H/T: BizPac Review