The View Gets Backlash After Calling Bill Clinton’s Rape Victims “Tramps” [Video]


The already way too liberal show has gone too far this time. While liberals like to pretend to fight for women’s rights and love using the sexism card on people, it turns out they really only care when the woman has the same politics as them. The panel, and Joy Behar in particular said some extremely disgusting things about Bill Clinton’s rape victims.

They started by talking about how Hillary Clinton was really the victim in this because her husband was cheating on her. They went over the different cases of women who Bill Clinton has raped or harassed. They then talked about, that “if a woman sleeps with your husband” of course you will treat them badly. They of course, are forgetting that these women didn’t ‘sleep’ with Bill voluntarily and then Hillary threatened them into silence.

Joy Behar said that it would be ridiculous to apologize to the women who slept with her husband. She then mockingly said, “I would like to apologize to those TRAMPS who have slept with my husband.” This is being spread throughout the internet and the video has almost 4 times as many downvotes as upvotes. We are sick of these awful people being able to get away with such awful things, and the internet is showing them their wrath. Check out the video below. The relent part starts at about 21:00 minutes in.