Violent Liberals Blocking The Road Just Got What They Deserve – WATCH THIS EPIC VIDEO


The anti-Trump protesters hit the rock bottom with their awful violent behavior. The delusional protesters showed how violent and frustrated an average person could be. However, our police officers must not be a target of the liberal hordes who do not respect the value of the human life and the public property. They are also threat to every other American who doesn’t share their views and beliefs.

Look what happened in the video- this will teach the liberals a lesson:

Over the past few months, whiny liberals have been blocking traffic on highways to show how much they dislike Donald Trump. In this video, however, these idiot liberals learn that blocking traffic can be a BAD idea.

The Federalist Papers reported that the video above shows the many times drivers have decided NOT to submit to liberals. Instead of stopping due to the protests, these vehicles kept going and chose to plow through the protesters.

This comes days after an anti-Trump protest on a highway stopped an ambulance from getting to the hospital, putting the life of a patient at risk. Lifezette reported that around 200 protesters blocked traffic on Route 34 around 5 p.m. on Saturday as they marched and carried a banner that read, “No Ban No Wall New Haven.” The police report stated that the protesters “obstructed an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient.”

“Due to this delay, ambulance personnel were required to perform an emergency medical procedure in the ambulance instead of at the hospital,” the report added.

At least one protester refused to move even when officers asked him to let the ambulance through.

“The officers tried to guide him out of the way. He pushed an officer trying to get back,” said Shift Commander Lt. Sam Brown, adding that the man was thrown to the ground and arrested.

It is not known what condition the patient whose ambulance was stopped is in now.

At least three protesters were arrested at the scene of this protest. Police in the area said that dealing with liberal anti-Trump protesters is unfortunately part of their job on a daily basis now.

“It’s happening,” New Haven Assistant Police Chief Tony Reyes told reporters. “We have to be ready to deal with and try to do it in a way that balances our commitment to community policing while keeping our officers safe.”

H/T Truth Monitor

The liberals have to understand one simple thing- they are nothing but sore losers, but they have to control themselves because they will end up badly. Our officers have to crush these violent groups and bring back the safety on our streets.