VIRAL VIDEO: Brilliant Ben Shapiro Slams Nasty Liberal Loudmouth On Abortion

EPIC VIDEO: Ben Shapiro brutally ‘cracks’ the liberals spirit with his AWESOME response on a stupid liberal’s provocation. ABORTION- pro-life or pro-choice?

Liberal hypocrisy or HUMANISM-you decide, but first, watch this PRICELESS video below:

There are very few people who can navigate and debunk liberal arguments like Ben Shapiro.

The guy is just a genius.  Plain and simple.

There’s a video of him talking about abortion that’s going viral and it really speaks volumes about Ben’s ability to take liberal arguments and undress them in front of a large group of people.

He was asked about abortion in the case of rape. Check it






Typically, when you have to resort to outrageous hypothetical scenarios it means that your argument isn’t strong.

If the basis of your argument is “oh, what about people who are raped” then all you are doing is pulling on heart strings.  You aren’t actually making a case about the morality of abortion. If you had a solid argument that was legitimate on its merits you wouldn’t need to resort to emotional hypotheticals.

The rape argument is a very weak one considering the fact that there are ways to address a possible pregnancy very early on before abortion even needs to be considered but that’s really got nothing to do with the overall conversation.

H/T Young Conservatives

THIS VIDEO HAS TO GO VIRAL! This is just another heavy hit against the liberal leftists and their cheap hypocrisy. Honestly, I respect the choice of EVERY woman who’s reading this post, but this is not about freedom or choice- THIS IS PURE LIBERAL PROPAGANDA!