WAR ON TWITTER: Susan Sarandon Gets NASTY Attack By Debra Messing After Defending Trump Supporters!


The media war of the celebs continues! As we already saw, always somebody attacks the ones who support Donald Trump. That is like epidemic wave that’s crossing around America. The foundations that supported one of the candidates surprisingly want to destabilize the U.S. Now the next target of the liberals is Susan Sarandon. This actress was heavily strike and that resulted with Tweeter War. Look how the liberals are being destroyed!

On Wednesday, the 70-year-old actress became embroiled in a Twitter feud with fellow actress Debra Messing who flat-out accused her of being responsible for Trump winning the election due to her support of Green Party candidate Jill Stein over Hillary Clinton.

It started when Sarandon responded to a person on Twitter who said that people should never accept Donald Trump, normalize him or accept his “bigotry.” (RELATED: Susan Sarandon: Hillary Will Cause World War 3)

“To all those who find blaming me less painful than introspection, never knew I was this powerful,” she added while including a chart that showed all the people in Hollywood who had put their support behind Clinton and on the other side showed Sarandon as the sole supporter of Stein.

“JESUS CHRIST. NOW she wants to give racist, islamophobic, homophobic, sexist,mysogynists a chance!”Pure” 4 Bernie,” Debra Messing tweeted in response. “FUCK everyone else.”

“She encouraged ppl to vote for Trump over HRC on a news interview,” she added. “Said she was more ‘dangerous.’ She needs to be held accountable.”

Sarandon is not the only one in Hollywood who thinks reaching out those who voted for Trump is the way to bring about change. On Wednesday, comedian Sarah Silverman, who is no fan of Trump, tweeted a similar thought.

Wow! This thing is never ending. We have to give the right information to our fellow citizens, so we reveal the truth. Look how some people treat your vote, your dignity,your pride. Soon. our president will enter the White House as new resident. After that, all can they can do is moan.


via SmokeRoom