WATCH: What Antifa Did To This WWII Veteran Will Make You Sick! MEDIA SILENT!


Disgusting and sick! George Soros’ foot soldiers are not giving up from their sick charade of hatred, insults, and bigotry. The ANTIFA idiots attacked disabled veteran who bled for this country.

These sick idiots were not afraid at all to charge at WWII veteran who didn’t give them a reason for such provocation.

The leftists surrounded the poor man and, of course, used their violent narrative to threaten the old vet.


This is the result of a constant anti-military rhetoric by the previous administration and, of course, WRONG EDUCATION. As you can see, the loudest Obama supporters are actually the millennials who don’t even know what our great soldiers did in the past.

Those kids even destroy the monuments. They use the word fascists, but they don’t even know what does it mean.

Their 100% media control is fascism. Blocking streets and using violence to prove some irrational and stupid change in the society is fascism.

The nation voted for Donald Trump and his reforms. ACCEPT THAT LIBERAL FASCISTS!

In the end, you see that those idiotic liberals are the biggest problem in our society. What do you think, should they become illegal?