WATCH – Black Woman STUNS CNN by Saying THIS About Trump on Live TV


Liberal television pundits were quick to mock and lambaste Donald Trump after he pointed out black communities across America have suffered terribly under Democrat rule. They went back, way, way, way, back in history, to prove black Americans were once far worse of than they are today, completely missing the extremely valid point the Republican was making.

“I have voted Democrat over 20 yrs and saw no change in our poorest areas. We need to hold politicians that fail to keep promises accountable,” Brunell Donald-Kyei said during an interview with CNN, shocking the mainstream media pundits.

The now viral interview comment was in response to Trump saying the black community is in the worst shape it has “ever, ever, ever” been.

During the horrific and inhumane practice of slavery, there was no black community, only people who were treated like cattle who were forced against their will to toil and live inside glorified barns on property which belonged to someone else.

When the chains of slavery were finally broken, it was Republicans, not Democrats, who fought against discrimination – Liberals often tend to forget that inconvenient truth when attempting to paint GOP voters as racist.

About 25 percent of black Americans are living in extreme poverty.

Urban areas where the majority of the population is black have nearly been taken over by gangs and violent crime – it is no longer safe for children to walk to school or play at the park.

A significant portion of black children are living in a home only with their mother or other adult relative – with no father in the picture.

Yes, there is more than a little bit of room for improvement in black communities – which almost always boast Liberal elected officials.

Hillary’s solutions to the very real struggles facing black communities is merely a page out of the well-worn Progressive playbook – offer black voters more free stuff – it’s an insulting and demeaning practice and solves no problems.

Donald Trump is offering jobs, which he has a long record of creating, safe streets, locally-controlled and quality schools. It’s time for the black community to try something new, what they have been duped into accepting for decades will not offer a prosperous and happy future for their children.

Chris Cuomo argued with the black Donald Trump supporter, claiming he had nothing to say about the recent fatal police shooting and riots in Charlotte.

“He always has a lot to say,” Cuomo goaded, when falsely stating Trump had not spoken out about the two fatal police shootings of two black men. “Why is he quiet?”

Brunell Donald-Kyei then went on to prove she is an intelligent woman once again by noting Donald Trump has not expanded upon what he thinks happened during the shootings and why, because he is waiting for all the facts to be made public first, before levying any blame – now isn’t that a novel concept?