WATCH: What Camera Caught as Hillary Tried to Get Out of Van Confirms the Worst


First it was stairs. Then it was standing up for long periods. Now it’s … getting out of a van?

A new video showed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton struggling to do something an 8-year-old soccer player does daily — making her way out of a van.

To make things even worse, guess who was next to her to help her? If you went with the mysterious handler who has been seen around Clinton with a possible diazepam pen, you’re a winner!

The video showed the former secretary of state, frail-tastic as ever, trying to make her way out of a black van. As she tried to move forward, she fell back, and had to be helped out.


I would like to point out that both of my parents are over 70 years old, both older than Hillary Clinton. Neither one would have trouble making their way out of a minivan in this manner. And let me point out, my dad lives on a steady diet of diner food, TGI Fridays and Newport 100s. If you’re younger than him and he’s outperforming you on physical tasks, there’s something seriously wrong.

Now, of course, if this happened in isolation it would be difficult to make an issue of it. We all have an occasional physical blunder.


The campaign trail for president is arduous for a reason: The job is that much more arduous. This is the easy part, and Hillary Clinton seems to be stumbling through it, devoid of energy, looking like someone desperately in need of a soft-boiled egg and a nap.

Clinton’s camp has responded by trying to throw shade on Republican rival Donald Trump’s medical history and records. But while liberals and #NeverTrump people can claim many things about Mr. Trump, one of them certainly isn’t a lack of energy.

The same can’t be said about Hillary, as this video proves. That’s why we need answers about her health, and we need them now.