Watch: Chelsea Clinton Caught Red Handed Doing The 1 Thing That Destroys Her Credibility


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, was observed on Wednesday traveling from campaign rally to campaign rally in North Carolina via a private jet.

This likely came as a shock to many as it contradicted her oft-spoken rhetoric about “climate change” being an environmental threat that must be addressed immediately.

In fact, during one of the events she attended in Asheville, she spoke about the need to fight global warming, according to the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Yet she reportedly both arrived in and later left the town in a private jet:

During her brief stay in Asheville, Clinton also touted her membership to Greenpeace and explained why she felt so strongly about “climate change.”

“It’s one of the many things I didn’t know that I could care more about until Ibecame a parent and found that I could, because I don’t want my children to grow up in a world that looks very different than our world, where the Blue Ridge Mountains that you’re so blessed to live so close to, whole ecosystems may be destroyed,” she said, as reported by radio station WCQS.

“That is not the future that I want for my children, even if they’re never so lucky to come here,” she added.

Many felt that Clinton’s speech was tinged with great hypocrisy, since her actions did not match her words.

Writing for the Washington Free Beacon, contributor Cameron Cawthrone complained that she was leaving “carbon footprints while lecturing others about how to travel without leaving [her] own.”

Moreover, the city she flew into Asheville from was only five hours away, whichraises questions as to why she didn’t just drive.

The young Clinton is not alone in her alleged hypocrisy, as it is commonplace for liberals to fly on private jets, while insisting others sacrifice the luxuries in their lives on behalf of the environment.

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