WATCH: CNN Caught Red Handed Faking a Muslim Protest in London

CNN is the worst media station ever. Trust me, what we have in this post will make you hate them even more. And I won’t be politically correct, I will use the word hate because they are the ones who spread hatred. These people showed that they don’t care about standards and professionalism in the modern journalistic, but they work as a ‘scandal-factory’ and they’re pathetic more than ever.

CNN has been called the “Clinton News Network” by President Donald Trump.

During the election, CNN acted more like a SuperPAC than a news agency. Every time they got the chance to pump up Hillary they did.

Even after President Trump won the election, CNN continues its nonstop attack on the President of the United States.

Caolan Robertson with Rebel Media caught CNN faking the news again…

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Such a shame! This is so disgusting. As you can see, the liberal fake news factories work harder than ever. This is so disappointing, I think that CNN will lose more credibility after this. On the other hand, who’s watching CNN these days? They’re ruined! Share this post and spread this everywhere! Every American deserves to see this video!