WATCH – Comey Met His Match! ‘Hillary Played You… You Blew It… God Help Us ALL!’



FBI Director James Comey seems tired of getting called to Congress to talk about the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Comey would not have to traverse all those steps if the investigation had been conducted using standard protocols and the federal agency had been more forthcoming when the House Oversight Committee had asked for information about the bizarre review of Clinton’s conduct.

“Do you honestly believe that a lady, a woman of vast intelligence who was a first lady of the United States, who was a senator — who was a secretary of state — do you believe that in this case honestly, that she wasn’t grossly negligent or criminal in her acts?” Georgia Republican Representative Doug Collins asked James Comey during a session on Capitol Hill yesterday.

Representative Collins further shocked Comey when he said he would offer up a prayer for the U.S. if Hillary Clinton does indeed become our next president.

“Bring down the curtain. There’s a wizard behind the thing, Ms. Hillary Clinton, who is playing all of us, because she’s not that naive, she is not stupid. She knew what she was doing because she was simply too bored. If she, God forbid, gets into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and just gets bored with the process, then God help us all,” Representative Collins added.

The Georgia Republican also told Comey he and the FBI absolutely “blew it” while investigating Hillary.

The FBI director, of course, thought he and his agents did a fine job of getting to something very few believe resembles the truth.

“This case was investigated by a group of professionals, so if I blew it, they blew it too. No one hid behind anything,” a visibly agitated Comey said to Collins in retort.

When asked if he believed what his agency was told by Hillary Clinton and her underlings during the classified email investigation, Comey said he never believed “anyone other than his wife,” meaning he doesn’t take anything at face value.

As Collins so aptly noted, the investigation into Hillary’s complete refusal to follow the rules, after she had taken an oath and signed a formal notice stating she fully understood them, without being punished for her actions will lead to others using the “Clinton defense” when caught mishandling classified information.

The Clinton defense has already been used by a police officer accused of corruption.

The officer simply said he did not “intend” to break the law, and therefore he should not be held criminally responsible for his actions.

Every drunk driver, thieving drug addict, or suspect in a crime-of-passion murder would likely claim they “didn’t mean it” too, but, of course, they would all go to jail because their last name isn’t Clinton.