WATCH: Crazy Antifa Protester Attacks Phoenix Police, Gets Shot IMMEDIATELY


Antifa protesters should learn their lesson ONCE and FOR ALL! The police officers are now taking a different approach to ‘settle the score’ with the violent radical-left protesters.  In Phoenix, the police responsible for the riots showed how they are supposed to be doing their job, and on the other hand, radical leftists learned a painful lesson. Read more below:

President Donald Trump held a rally in Phoenix, Arizona last night in front of thousands of devoted supporters. Unsurprisingly, Antifa terrorists announced plans to descend on the rally and spread violence and chaos, but this plan didn’t go so well for them.

Daily Mail reported that CBS5 captured the moment when an Antifa protester was shot in the groin with a rubber bullet on live television. The Antifa thug had just kicked a tear gas at police when one officer responded by shooting him in the groin with the pepper ball.

The news hosts were stunned into silence as the Antifa terrorist doubled over in pain.

“A guy just got shot with a rubber bullet,” one host said.

“So… er… yeah, the officers are not, are not messing around at all,” another stammered as the protester was dragged away by a fellow Antifa thug.

All in all, the night was a huge fail for Antifa, as turnout for their protests was much lower than expected. Though protesters had promised a day of chaos, it was only after the rally ended that violence broke out. Police used nonlethal methods to disperse the crowds as Antifa protesters hurled rocks and bottles at them.

There was little to no violence before the rally, however, as barely any Antifa protesters showed up. Though thousands of people RSVP’d to an Antifa group’s protest page, only a few hundred actually came out to protest. The claim is that most Antifa terrorists did not want to brave the 107-degree temperatures to come out and protest against the man they hate so much.

In contrast, Trump supporters showed up in droves, with thousands lining up hours in advance of the rally in hopes of getting into the stadium to support President Trump.

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The riot squat taught him a good lesson. They can choose other ways to show their revolt and use their citizen right of PEACEFUL PROTEST. What do you think, should the police have a tougher approach to the violent Antifa protesters.