WATCH: Donald Trump Crushed Anderson Cooper On CNN So Hard – THIS IS HUGE!


The vain and conceited Anderson Cooper had an unsuccessful effort to taunt and mock Donald Trump, and he had the humiliation of his lifetime. Trump caught Cooper by surprise in this interview.

VIA USA Politics Today

The interview focused on the main political talking points in the media at this moment, and Trump was ready for all of them, he was precise, with good arguments, sounded smart and knowledgeable, and most important of all Trump did not allowed Cooper to interrupt him and screw him with his technic of pressing the person who he interviews.

Ok folks form other TV stations, come on, go invite Trump on your shows so he can slap your asses so hard you will go to mama crying!

And this is going to happen on the debates also. Trump is going to make mincemeat from Hillary, we all know that.

And with October surprise from Wikileaks, Hillary is DONE!

We need to win over this corrupted b***, America need Trump and Pence.