WATCH – Donald Trump Releases THIS Video to Warn America, Please Watch!


Disaster is at our doorstep, literally. How we make our next move will determine the fate of the country.

We have a very real problem on our hands and sometimes the nastiest of people can come across as being “nice,” yet they are truly a snake in the grass.



The lyrics from this song are based off a fable from 1968, The Farmer and The Viper, from Aesop’s fables.

We’ve already seen the results of the poisonous bite in Europe.

Crime has skyrocketed in every country that has brought in the Muslim “migrants.” The women and LGBT folk of Europe have been betrayed by their liberal neighbors. It is no longer safe for them to walk down their streets.

Rape, homicide, assault, and more are the consequences of meeting a gang of Muslim men on the streets of Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, and more.

Obama was willing for all of us to get bitten to achieve his ultimate goal of overwhelming the system and turning the land where freedom rang for hundreds of years into a viperous bastion of not just Socialism, but Communism.

The liberals have not forgotten about Obama’s goal, or the ultimate goals of Soros, although very few of them have even heard Soros’ name. They are paid to act as his puppets in our streets, causing chaos, throwing a new protest once a week, and even infiltrating our town hall meetings.

The other metaphor in this video has received less attention than it deserves. The Trojan Horse is mentioned by Trump only briefly at the beginning of the video, but it’s a wonderful metaphor to help Liberals understand precisely where Trump and his supporters stand on the issue.

The liberals can see the Trojan Horse as only a gift. Certainly, it feels good to compassionately allow Muslims into our country who are escaping ISIS. But, some of these Muslims bring ISIS, and the horrible values of Islam, with them.

This snake will turn on us, so we need to stomp on it and cuts its head off ASAP.

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