WATCH: Megyn Kelly Tries “Gotcha” Question About Trump… Ivanka Gives PERFECT Response


An attempt by Fox News host Megyn Kelly to ensnare Ivanka Trump with a gotcha question failed miserably Wednesday evening.

“Obviously, your dad has had some trouble with (women),” the host began. “He’s 15 points behind Hillary in most of the polls with women. Clearly, he’s made some comments about women that have led to that.”

After highlighting a few examples, she then said: “Give us a flavor how those events affected you, and your reaction.”

It took Ivanka, daughter of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, no time at all to fire back with the perfect response.

“My father can be an equal opportunity offender,” she quickly replied with a smile on her face. She added that her father has always spoken his mind whenever someone has said something negative about him.

In other words, he has treated all trash talkers the same, regardless of gender.

“I think the fact that he doesn’t treat us differently or with kid gloves shows the fact that he recognizes we’re equipped to handle it and are able to do so,” she continued. “There’s no bias in his viewpoint. He views all people equally, men or women. It doesn’t matter, and he treats them accordingly.”

You can watch the entire interview here (The relevant exchange occurs just after the 5:30 mark.):

If anything, her father sounded like someone who truly understood the meaning of equality. Some people, particularly liberal feminists, have mistaken equality for being a state wherein women get to benefit from the perks of manhood but ignore the downsides to it.

Trump, on the other hand, appeared to recognize that feminists cannot have their cake and eat it too. Equality meant equal treatment, period, and anyone trying to chastise the billionaire candidate for simply abiding by this notion (*cough* Megyn Kelly *cough*) is clearly not a believer in true equality.

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