Watch: Millennials’ Jaws Drop When They Learn A Fact About Hillary That Horrifies Them


One woman recognized an underlying partisanship in the answers she and a man with her provided.

Campus Reform correspondent Cabot Phillips recently headed to D.C. to conduct impromptu interviews with passersby. Armed with a list of all presidential candidates and the logos of four recognizable Wall Street financial institutions, Phillips asked young adults to pick which White House hopeful they believe received the biggest donations from each corporation.

A clear majority picked Republicans, specifically Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.

“Let’s go Jeb,” one participant guessed. “Jeb’s got to be doing something. I know he’s doing something.”

Another individual picked a Republican for each of the corresponding financial insitutions.

When asked about his choices, he replied: “Yeah, yeah. I just kind of figured, big banks, you know, always going with the Republicans.”

One woman recognized an underlying partisanship in the answers she and a man with her provided.

“Every person we’ve picked so far has been Republican,” she said. “And we’re both Democrats.”

After each contestant made his or her choices, Phillips revealed that Hillary Clinton is the correct response in all four cases.

A few of the shocked reactions included: “Oh, dang,” “I was not expecting that,” and “Are you serious?”

More than one participant accused Clinton of hypocrisy, a charge addressed in the video via the inclusion of a quote from a previous campaign speech.

“Prosperity can’t be just for CEOs and hedge fund managers,” Clinton said. “Democracy can’t be just for billionaires and corporations.”

At least one of the passersby revealed that she will no longer consider Clinton when preparing to vote next year.

“I don’t vote for hypocrites,” she said. “None of that. Yep, not voting for Hillary.”

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