Watch: Paralyzed Iraq War Veteran Stands for The Anthem Outside Broncos’ Stadium


While some of the rogue liberal players were having a real ‘fun’ disrespecting the national anthem and their own fans, some people are ready to show love and respect for America despite everything, literally everything. Brave paralyzed veteran went outside the Broncos stadium to show respect to his flag, anthem, and club. Read more below:

With cameras focused on NFL players refusing to stand for the pre-game national anthem, an Iraq war veteran wants to be seen standing proudly.

NBC4i reports Matt Keil, paralyzed from the chest down by a sniper’s bullet, got together with friends and family outside Mile High Stadium in Denver for Sunday’s San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos game to honor the national anthem.

As “The Star-Spangled Banner” sounded on Mile High Stadium’s speakers, Keil raised his specialty wheelchair into the standing position.

Keil understands why NFL players are protesting, but he wants them to protest in a way that does not disrespect service members and their families.

“The message that we’re all hoping to send is that not standing for the national anthem does nothing but disrespect every service member and their family members who ever fought for this country,” he told NBC4i.

H/T Breitbart

This is a true American patriot. Hats off! This man deserves respect from all of us and his story also deserves to be heard. Donald Trump sent a powerful message (warning) to the NFL yesterday, the mainstream media can do nothing about it as long as the nation knows the truth. Please spread the story of this great patriot.