WATCH – If People See This Trump Video, He Will Win In a Landslide



Hillary Clinton and her liberal minions have grown rather fond of calling Donald Trump a racist, but two of the top black activists in the country don’t seem to agree with such the disgusting label being levied upon the Republican.

Neither Al Sharpton nor Reverend Jesse Jackson look like they think Donald Trump is a racist in old videos, which were discovered and have now gone viral.

Reverend Jesse Jackson is actually shown THANKING Donald Trump for his appreciation of diversity and the helping hand he has given to struggling people of all colors and backgrounds.

Just mere hours after Hillary Clinton spent about 45 minutes trying to get her fellow Democrats to believe Donald Trump is a racist, the “Trump – Helping Black People for Over 30 Years” video began making the rounds on the internet – disproving every single point liberal elitists have tried to make.

In the video, Jesse Jackson is shown to be filled with gratitude for Trump’s successful job creation efforts that actually helped black New Yorkers.

Jackson did “accuse” Donald Trump of something—being extremely dedicated in his desire to “reach out and be inclusive.”

The activist reverend also said Hillary Clinton’s competitor has a “will to risk to make things better.”

None of Trump’s past professional, philanthropic, or personal dealings indicate he has any racist or sexist tendencies at all.

Trump’s corporation is stacked with a diverse work force—that is a proven fact. The man does not care what race, color, creed, or sex you are—he just wants the job done.

Donald Trump has a long history of embracing the skill and ingenuity of his employees—once again of all colors, races, and creeds—and promoting and rewarding based on those attributes and not color, gender, or educational background.

Perhaps Hillary and her surrogates are casting stones at Donald Trump in an effort to deflect from her own derogatory comments about young black men being “super predators” and the failure of Democrats to do anything more than offer more ‘free stuff” to the black community for decades—keeping those within it beholden to big government in the process.