Watch: Protesters Interrupt Trump 10 Times…So He Brilliantly Turns The Tables!


They just don’t make protesters like they used to. Ask Donald Trump.

On Monday in Detroit, as the Republican presidential nominee was unveiling an economic plan that would provide vast tax relief to families paying for child care, he was heckled by a series of protesters in what seemed to be a planned attempt to disrupt the speech. The Michigan People’s Campaign later said that it coordinated the efforts of the female protesters in an effort to “get underneath Donald Trump’s skin.”

“It’s all very well planned out,” Trump said after several had been led away.

For most of his address, Trump ignored them, until he finally had to say something.

His comment came after a woman who interrupted Trump was being led away as he viewed the now familiar routine, lips pursed and leaning on his arms as he often does while watching the antics of those who try to disrupt his rallies.

As the protester was led away, a woman in the audience yelled, “Get a job!” Other audience members shouted “We love you, Trump.”

“Thank you,” Trump said to his supporters.

“I will say, the Bernie Sanders people had far more energy and spirit. I will say it,” he added.

Trump then resumed his speech.

In addition to relief for child care costs, Trump proposed a vast revamping of the tax code with three brackets into which Americans could fall, saying the change would be “the biggest tax revolution since the Reagan tax reform.”

Trump also used the city of Detroit as proof of what policies such as those advocated by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have wrought.

“The city of Detroit is the living, breathing example of my opponent’s failed economic agenda,” Trump said. “Every policy that has failed this city, and so many others, is a policy supported by Hillary Clinton.”

Trump then explained in detail what the policies Clinton supports have done.

“She supports the high taxes and radical regulation that forced jobs out of your community, and the crime policies have made you far, far less safe, and the immigration policies that have strained local budgets, and the trade deals like NAFTA, signed by her husband, that have shipped your jobs to Mexico and other countries,” he said.

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