Watch Tomi Lahren OBLITERATE Bill Maher And Panelists When They Try To Challenge Her

In this post we must share with you the total destruction of the liberal puppets. Tomi Lahren- this young woman is going to make a great career as she represents the conservative intellectuals. Lahren is doing a great job on the mainstream media stations, defending the real values and the constitution of the USA.

The poor liberal’s attempts to destroy her turns out to be a total failure. We need more young people like Tomi Lahren to protect the American cause.

24-year-old rising Conservative Superstar Tomi Lahren hosts her own show on the Blaze, and she recently went onto Bill Maher’s show where she both demolished Bill Maher and the other panelists he invited on.

Bill Maher started by listing all the laws that Trump passed that he felt were negative. Including a law that allows you to sell guns to “the severely mentally ill,” one that allows mining companies to “dump their toxic waste into a stream,” and letting oil companies no longer “report the bribes they get anymore from third-world dictators.”

He then asked. h“I guess my question is, he was all about helping the little guy. This looks like special interest stuff. How does letting a coal company dump the sludge in the river help the little guy?” Her answer was amazing.

“The forgotten American. The coal industry has been attacked. Obama went to war against the coal industry and they saw massive declines, and they were on their way out the door. Look at the American worker. We need to take a minute,” said Lahren before she was interrupted.

One of the panelists Democratic Senate candidate from Missouri, Jason Kander, claimed that Republicans “used the people who died [at Benghazi] as political chess pieces for quite a few years”, and said that Lahren probably doesn’t even know the names of those soldiers. “Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith,” Lahren responded proudly. “Good for you!” answered Kander before changing the topic. Check out the video below.


H/T Conservative101

Bring it on, liberals! Tomi Lahren has to be an example and role model for every young American. Our intellectuals must not be poisoned or bewitched by the fake liberal values or their violent, ,,revolutionary” riots. We have to stay united as a nation and nothing is more important than creating a better future.