Watch: Trump Brings Rally To A Sudden Halt, Immediately Leaves Stage…Here’s Reason Why


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump halted a rally in North Carolina on Monday evening to seek medical attention for a supporter who was reportedly experiencing a medical emergency.

The Hill reports Trump was delivering remarks about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Asheville when he noticed one of his supporters, an unnamed woman, had fallen ill.

The GOP nominee immediately paused the rally and called for a doctor.

“Could we have a doctor please?” he said. “A doctor. A doctor please.”

Trump cited the temperature inside of the city’s U.S. Cellular Center as a possible reason for the woman suddenly falling ill.

“It is about 100 degrees in here folks, so. Thank you so much,” he said. “We love our supporters, right?”

Trump also called for water and a round of applause for the woman: “Let’s give her a hand. Get some water please? Water please.”

The billionaire New Yorker then briefly left the stage to personally greet the woman.

The entire exchange was captured on video provided by ABC affiliate KNXV in Phoenix, Ariz.

After members of his staff had taken care of her, Trump returned to the podium

“That’s a great supporter, an unbelievable person, been here for a long time, and I just want to thank you,” Trump said. “Whether it was a supporter or not we’re going to take care of her. It is pretty hot in here folks.”

The incident comes a day after Hillary Clinton suffered some sort of medical emergency and had to be carried into her van during a 9/11 memorial service in lower Manhattan on Sunday — on the fifteenth anniversary of the terror attacks that left nearly three thousand Americans dead in the area.


The Clinton campaign initially attributed the candidate’s health scare to “overheating;” however, Clinton’s doctor later revealed she was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday.

Trump commented on Clinton’s latest apparent health issue on Monday, tellingFox & Friends, “I hope she gets well soon.”

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