Watch: Trump Campaign Manager Turns Tables On Unsuspecting CNN Host With Perfect 6-Word Question


Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway engaged in a combative interview on Tuesday with CNN host Alisyn Camerota, during which the two argued over the health and transparency of the top presidential candidates.

Camerota began the interview questioning Conway on which presidential candidate she believes has been more transparent about their health.

“As we know from this past weekend, clearly Donald Trump,” Conway replied. “We saw Hillary Clinton with our own two eyes struggling the other day … we certainly hope she is well.”

Camerota seemed to disagree, pointing out that while Clinton told the press about her pneumonia, Trump has released a mere “four paragraphs” of medical information.

“This is all Mr. Trump has released about his health: four paragraphs, as you know, from his gastroenterologist who says that Mr. Trump, his health, is ‘astonishingly excellent,’” Camerota said with a chuckle.

She continued, “It also says that all of his latest medical examinations and tests were only positive results, which of course is funny because that means something’s wrong –but that’s not what he meant. So how can this be considered transparent?”

You can laugh all you want about the medical report,” Conway shot back. “But as far as I can see, there are two major party candidates running for president and only one of them has pneumonia and lied about it.”


Pointing out Clinton’s overall lack of transparency with the press, Conway told Camerota the Democratic nominee treats the media as “second class citizens.”

“She won’t have a press conference, and then when she pretends to have a press avail — ‘I’m going to uplifting and aspirational’ –and then goes on to attack tens of millions of Americans the very next day,” Conway said.

Attempting to steer the conversation back towards Donald Trump’s health, Camerota asked what Trump plans on disclosing.

“What exactly will he be releasing? Camerota asked. “His entire medical history, or just the results of the last checkup?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll tell you what he won’t be releasing,” Conway responded. “He won’t be releasing the fact that he had pneumonia for two days and lied about it.”

Again combating Conway’s argument, Camerota implied that just because someone chooses not to disclose something doesn’t necessarily mean they lied.

Conway called Camerota out for focusing on Trump’s health, when “one person is off the campaign trail right now.”

“The idea that we shift to the person who’s keeping the most punishing schedule of any presidential candidate is unbelievable,” she added.

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