WATCH- Trump Gets Standing Ovation At Detroit Black Church, Then THIS Happens – Hillary Wants it Gone!


Hillary is still insisting Trump is a racist, yet today he received a standing ovation from an African-American congregation in Detroit… yes, THAT Detroit. But that is not what everyone is talking about.

After his speech was over, Trump took the time to enjoy the choir and actually got a little toe-tapping in with the congregation…

Today’s appearance in Detroit was huge for Trump in so many ways.

If the people of the congregation thought he was there pandering for votes or for a photo op, his reception would not have been a warm one.

Instead, when he closed quoting a Bible passage, the congregation rose to its feet and gave him a standing ovation…


This was not the loud, boisterous Trump, but rather a subdued Trump speaking intimately with a group of Americans to address their concerns.

This was not a candidate speaking at the people, this was a candidate listening to the people so he can truly learn what their issues are.

If Donald Trump can gain the faith of even a small portion of the African-American community, Hillary is in a LOT of trouble.

Dems have banked on dominating this voter base for decades.

Going all the way back to the 1984 election, no Republican candidate has garnered more than 12 percent of the African-American vote.

Dems have needed every last of one of those votes to win their elections. If Trump eats into that advantage, all of a sudden Hillary is looking at a blowout loss.

With old videos resurfacing of her calling Black men super predators and her past connections to Senator Byrd, it is no wonder Trump is dancing in the aisle and receiving standing ovations!