Watch What Happened MOMENTS After Trump’s Speech To Congress

INCREDIBLE AND DISGUSTING! These two worlds describe what the democrats did at the President’s speech at front of the Congress. While the Republicans cheered and “awarded” our President with ovations- the liberal leftists disrespected the highest authority in our country. If you want to know what they did and see the video- scroll below- you will be amazed and disappointed!

Last night, Donald Trump concluded his first speech to Congress as President of the United States. Immediately after Trump’s speech ended, the Democrats in Congress did something that shows how classless they really are

Once Trump had finished his speech, the Republicans in Congress arose from their seats and clapped to give him a standing ovation. In contrast, the Democrat lawmakers quickly got out of their seats and rushed out of the room, refusing to give our nation’s president the respect he deserved.

Democrats in Congress also repeatedly reproached Trump during his speech by refusing to clap for him even when he was making points that the vast majority of Americans approve of. Clearly, these Democrats are still bitter Hillary Clinton lost the election to Trump back in November…

H/T Truth Monitor

Donald Trump is an awesome person and the real patriots- the Republicans simply adore him. Just look at that energy- this guy is really a special person who is going to bring a better future for the US citizens. The members of the Democratic party did something really disrespectful and ugly. They have to accept their defeat and respect the constitution, the President and the nation.