WATCHL Pelosi INTERRUPTED During Anti-Trump Speech – Protesters Call Her a…

WHOA! This came out of nowhere! Nancy Pelosi- the liberal loudmouth who works for the global elitists and is a loyal servant of the liberal ideology, got BASHED from the people who attended her own rally against President Trump. PRICELESS!

Democratic House minority leader Nancy Pelosi was interrupted during an anti-Trump speech where protesters called her out for inexcusable behavior.

NTK Network reported:

“Every week we ask the same question: what do the Russians have on Donald Trump, personally, politically, and financially?” Pelosi told the crowd.

At this point, a protester began shouting at Pelosi, accusing her of “planning a war with Russia,” and calling the minority leader a “warmonger” and “criminal.”

“You’re all war criminals, waterboarder. You’re planning a war with Russia, you want world war,” the protester continued to shout at Pelosi.

At this point, people in the crowd started to quiet the protester.

“She never talks to us,” the protester yelled. “She hid for all those years.”

People attending the protests began shouting at the protesters telling him to “shut up.”


The protester would not stop, yelling at Pelosi about Obama’s failed promises to end the war in the Middle East.

The crowd started to chant “Nancy” in an attempt to silence the protester again.

Pelosi then started about talk about people who she thinks are being negatively impacted by President Trump’s agenda, specifically the poor.

“They die in your city, ” the protester shouted. “Homeless and poor are starving.”

H/T American Lookout

I am really glad that someone had the guts to SAY IT OUT LOUD! I am really disappointed that these sick idiots still play on the “russian card”. It’s getting old. Trump showed many times what he thinks about Russia and how is he going to “play” the global game. STOP IT LIBERALS! THIS SNAKE SHOULD BE IN JAIL- IF SOMEONE’S A CHICKEN – THAT’S HER!