Welfare Queens Find Out Their Food Stamps Are CANCELLED – Watch Their Reaction [VIDEO]


Barack Obama and his socialists tried to pull the dirtiest communist trick and they started giving welfare benefits in the form of stamps to so many people, without real control and opening huge opportunities for people to start criminal operations of illegal trade with food stamps.  This is an old communist trick to make a huge number of people dependent directly on the state and make them lazy and useless. Donald Trump’s changing this, and what just happened in Georgia is the real proof of that.

For the eight long years Barack Hussein Obama was president of the US, he supported and gave benefits to those on welfare and forced working Americans to pay their bills.

 Since he’s no longer in charge, there are some much-needed changes happening in our country.  Some welfare leaches in Georgia have gotten the worst news of their lives, and this video shows their priceless reactions:

With these changes, able-bodied adults in Georgia that don’t have children will be required to find jobs in order to receive food stamps. The rules affect people in Gwinnett, Cobb and Hall Counties who can collect food stamps for only three months in a three-year period, unless they get into a job or training program. The video shows just how unhappy people were to find out about this.

State Rep. David Clark, R-Buford, led the charge on this, argue that it’s time for Georgia to crack down on those abusing the welfare system. He said:

“This is going to make people step up and look for a job.”


There’s no need for people to go crazy over this. It’s simple –  people that live their whole life on the system and are perfectly capable of working but just choose not to because they are used to getting paid for doing nothing need to be cut off.  Also, drug testing should be mandatory to anybody that lives in assisted housing or gets food stamps or welfare.

H/T FederalistTribune

What do you think about Obama’s welfare policy? Don’t you think it was a huge mistake? Jobs, jobs, and jobs only- that’s the solution. This will give freedom to these people and make them both independent and way more financially stable. Trump already started bringing thousands of jobs with his policy “Buy America-Hire American”. Let’s hope this will pull out of misery hundreds of thousands of Americans living on stamps.