Well, Well, Well, Here’s How Many Mayors In Puerto Rico are Cooperating With FEMA


IT’S HAPPENING! Donald Trump works perfectly in a state of emergency. The leftists may say whatever they want and attack the President, but they can’t hide the truth.

More or less, the liberals don’t want to accept the truth that the “racist” President saved Puerto Rico. On the other hand, we need to mention that this time the media covered Trump’s hard work and now we have great information about the actual situation on the terrain.

FEMA reports are already here, and the news is great.

Puerto Rico’s mayors are cooperating with FEMA. 77 out of 78 mayors in Puerto Rico communicate and fully cooperate with FEMA!

This changes everything. The mouths of the liberal leftists need to be finally shut. Take a look at the reports:




The leftists can’t help it- here’s the TRUTH. We can say that the situation in Puerto Ricco is under control. The country and the state is functional only when both local and federal government work synchronized.

Please spread the good news. Everybody deserves to know the truth about Donald Trump and his efforts to keep everything in order in Puerto Rico. On the other hand, this story tells us that Puerto Rico mayors trust the federal government and they are finally ABLE to establish good connections with FEMA.