Whoa! Look Who The White House Just Cut Off From Federal Funding


In just a few months of office, president Donald Trump has fulfilled many of the things he promised Americans he would do. Liberals can resist it all they want – this is a fact.

If we discuss immigration, we have to mention how the the threat of liberal refusal to enforce the law is damaging the country. Many leftist and elitist sheriffs harbor immigrants and with that, disrespect the laws in this country.

Well, Trump and Sessions have made the first step towards destroying Sanctuary cities. According to reports, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered the Justice Department in a Monday memo to require that U.S. jurisdictions comply with immigration enforcement as a condition for receiving federal grant money.

This means a huge win for president Trump. Immigration law is determined by the federal government, so these Sanctuary cities will have to obey. The next step for Trump will be to cut the flow of money, something that concerns the liberals very much.

According to reports, Sessions already has his targeted list that predicts funding cuts for nine specific sanctuary jurisdictions (Chicago, New Orleans, Cook County, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Miami, New York City, and Sacramento).

This is what you get when you disobey the law.

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