Whoa! ABC Reporter Tries To Embarrass Newt Gingrich… ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE


If we unite and we all start thinking like Newt Gingrich we can manage to destroy the mainstream media which lie about President Trump every day without a particular reason. The former speaker for many times went live to defend publicly the President. Same happened on Sunday when he joined ABC’s Martha Raddatz who many people remember due to Trump vs. Hillary debate. Of course, there is no need to mention her love towards Hillary so this is why she instantly tried to embarrass Newt but she did not expect this kind of turn.

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Raddatz asked Newt about his comments downplaying the Trump-Russia investigation as nonsense. She thought Newt wouldn’t have a good response, but he humiliated her on her own show. President Trump was probably watching and smiling ear to ear.

Every little thing and every little word are twisted by the mainstream media so far. We really need to unite in order to shut them down. Newt did a great job in here because he is one of the best minds America has on governmental issues today.