WHOA! Dr. Ben Carson Makes Demand From Hillary No Other Doctor Has Dared To Make!


Wow, Dr. Carson went brutally to the center of Hillary’s health scandal – he asked from her to release her MRI scan of her head!

WOW, doctor Carson is a brave man!

According to The Truth Division:

” Dr. Ben Carson called on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to release a specialized MRI Monday a day after she became “overheated” and stumbled while leaving an event commemorating the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

The former presidential candidate and adviser to Donald Trump told BuzzFeed that while the MRI would be helpful in the case of Clinton due to the concussion she suffered in 2012. He said both candidates should release “detailed” medical records.“It is imperative that both major candidates for the highest office in the land immediately release detailed recent medical records to allow the people a fair opportunity to assess their physical fitness for office,” Carson said. “In the case of Hillary Clinton, because she has had a brain injury in the past and there is a question of venous sinus thrombosis, the result of a recent specialized MRI would be very helpful.”

“The stakes are too high for us to blindly elect someone to the presidency of the United States when we have the possibility of examining real evidence upon which to make a decision,” Carson said, speculating that Sunday’s episode was hardly the first one.

“The fact that the security detail assisting her as she clumsily attempted to enter her vehicle after abruptly ending her participation at a 9/11 event did not appear surprised as if dealing with something new, makes one wonder if such awkward moments are something they have become accustomed to,” Carson said.

Carson’s comments on the subject break with the Trump campaign’s statements thus far. Trump told Fox News Monday morning that he hoped Clinton was feeling better soon, adding that he’ll see her at the first debate in two weeks.”

This guy knows this, he is one of the top 10 best neurosurgeons in US, so he knows what is he talking about.

This time nobody can blame him, this time he is unstoppable!

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